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Re: Nationals vs Pirates, Game 3
« Reply #650: May 21, 2009, 09:49:14 AM »
are you serious?  i'm not a kearns or nieves fan.  they sucked, but what do you expect neither of them are on a winning team.  and wow was hanrahan bad. 

Yes, I'm dog-dead serious.  Still we had twenty LOB as a team.  Again, Hanrahan was bad, but not THE reason we lost.  He was just one of the many factors that contributed to losing.

In Game 2's GDT, everyone jumped all over sportsfan for claiming that Dunn's homer was meaningless.  His critics said, "ARE YOU freakING INSANE?  HIS RUN DIRECTLY LED TO THE TYING OF THE GAME!  THE HOMER DIDN'T TIE THE GAME BUT IT LED TO THE TIE!  YOU'RE A freakING MORON!!!!!!"  So then, where o where are those same people who called him a moron this morning to say, "you know, if Nieves or Kearns hadn't GIDPed or if Dunn, Nieves, Zimmerman and Kearns didn't collectively leave 14 runners on base - IF WE COULD'VE BOUGHT EVEN ONE freakING TIMELY HIT FROM ANYONE IN THE LINEUP AT ANY POINT IN TIME MAYBE, JUST MAYBE HANRAHAN CAN ALLOW A RUN AND WE'D STILL WIN THE freakING GAME!"  But no.  It's all Hanrahan's fault - the offense is completely absolved from blame even though they only managed one run against the Pittsburgh Pirates.

You're right.  I'm way off base.