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Re: Nationals vs. Pirates, Game 2
« Reply #150: May 19, 2009, 08:45:03 PM »
I suspected that a few years ago, when he said he's often up past 2 AM after games, just puttering around at home.  He's probably a Guest.  I'm pretty sure Carpenter and now Phil Wood read us, since I was the only one posting "on a pace to win ## games."

I think most of the anglo players read the forums, along with the broadcasting teams. 

Carpenter made a comment at the Balester event last year that indicated he knew who I was, though which forum was not clear.  Bergmann was very familiar with the beachball theme per my conversation in Camden Yards last year with him.  I've heard from another source that most of the 2008 pitching staff were reading the forum and were familiar with individual posters, having favorites and ones they didn't like.