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Re: Nationals vs. Pirates, Game 2
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Martis has been a see saw pitcher for the most part. But he is young and needs to be given some time to find his game. It's not shoking though that eagleskins would rip him when he is struggling yet was silent when Martis pitched well.

Yep.  It is very rare for a rookie pitcher NOT to have a see-saw year.  Zimmermann has had one and Detwiler will surely have some bad starts eventually if he stays up.  Martis has shown what he is capable of and I think that he will be putting out a good ratio of good games:bad games by the end of the season.  He has pitched in 6+ innings in 4 of his starts and more than 3 ER in only 1 game (2 including this one).  Martis is one of the last guys I am worrying about on the pitching staff.