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Re: Nationals @ Giants, Game 2
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I thought you lost one?

Well if we beat matt Cain tonight, I'll vote for you to start EVERY GDT until we lose one.  The streak can't be ignored at this point.

He's being selective. If he really thought there was something to this he would start the game threads when Cabrera or Olsen are pitching and he wouldn't come up with lame excuses for why he couldn't start them on those days. Next time he can't start the game thread on Cabrera's scheduled day he'll use A-Rod's excuse of "my cousin made me do it". Eventually he'll claim he logged in to the wrong site or that he couldn't find this page or it wouldn't load for him.  :?  He's shamelessly hand picking his battles like a washed up fighter trying to pad his record.  :rofl: