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Re: Nationals @ Giants, Game 2
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even though he's a Nat? I hope you are right. He deserves recognition.

Yes of course. Now there is no question that if he were on the yankees or red sox the media would've been jocking him for at least a week now. But they can't deny that he has something special going. 20 something streaks happen every season but 30 game hitting streaks have happened fewer than 50 times in the history of baseball (I think Zimmerman's current is the 44th of 30 or better). And if he were to reach 32 he would reach the top half of all time hitting streaks! That's nothing to sniff at.

It's getting a fair amount of mention. Even the local media that covers the Nats less in many ways has picked up on it - and not just the sports news outlets.

Still, it may be a good streak and is certainly helping the offense, but it is not like he is anywhere close to challenging the record.

Yeah I have noticed ESPN mentions it every day now and they even have it as one of their top stories in their crawl. But you're right. He's not even close to the record.