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Re: Nationals @ Giants, Game 1
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nice, they are ripping Cabrera to crap right now. Dibble just said he doesn't belong on this ballclub. Knight agrees I believe.

He said the same two weeks ago on XM radio on his nationally syndicated show "The Show" with Jody MacDonald and Rob Dibble.  I like the way they opent the show every day asking Dibble how he's doing and where he is today because of his new job with teh Nats.  It's like a mini-plug for the Nats every single day.  About two weeks ago Jody MacDonald asked about the previous night's game in which Cabrera had stunk up the joint and Dibble made a comment that went something like, "well I don't consider him (Cabrera) to be a major league pitcher."  When MacDonald asked him something like, "well, Dibbs, technically he is since you are, in fact, following a major league team, correct?"  Dibble responded, "he won't be in this rotation long."

Make Rob Dibble the color analyst AND the pitching coach - TODAY.