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Re: Nationals @ Diamondbacks, Game 3
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LOL @ some of you putting stock in who starts the game thread. But if you can't figure out why hammonds wouldn't start the game thread all you have to do is realize that he is worried about his undefeated record and he is expecting the Nats to lose this game with the lineup they are throwing out there. Haven't you noticed that he doesn't even try to start the game thread when Cabrera is on the mound? He waits for games ZNN or Martis are pitching. So much for his love of the former bird.   :rofl:

the skipper said he wanted to give me a day off even though i've been on a hot streak, he said he wants to save me for the rest of the week.  haha no i had to wait for the cable guy, b/c my mlb extra innings package has been messing up.  i can't tell you how awesome it is.  back porch nice breeze, my huge hdtv, the mlb package, cold beer in hand ... its awesome. 

yeah i said last night we'd win today's game, so take that.  as for d-cab starts, i was going to start the one against the cardinals (where he left with the lead), but 2k6 just beat me to it.  in ynot i have d-cab winning his first start of the season (tomorrow), so if i get time and 2k6 doesn't beat me to it, i'll start 'er up.