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Re: Nationals @ Dodgers, Game 2
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One HD 52 inch destroyed.  Didn't realize the lethality of Talons.  Anyway, if I didn't know any better I'd think sabotage was at hand here.  What is Dunn doing in RF?  Big Dukes supporter, and he CAN play CF, but I thought he was filling in temporarily?!  Corners are his ideal position.  Kearns and Dukes have an understanding, Dunn's  track on that last fly was awful.  He should have been tracking in front or behind Dukes, not directly at him.  I'll even put the error on Dukes, but the onus on the Mgr.  I'm sure management will spin the blame on Dukes.  This team is snake bit, plain and simple.  These guys are managing like the really don't care.  And don't think Lastings isn't stinking it up for a reason, IMO - he doesn't want to come back up.  Can't say I blame him. 

When we get rid of these short term contracts, our OF should be LF-??/CF-Maxwell/Bernadina/RF-Dukes.  Anything short of that BS.

Lakers/Rockets tomorrow night Game 3.  Best 12 rounds of Basketball to be televised in years!