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Re: Nationals @ Dodgers, Game 1
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I feel like Cabrera is Mr. Magoo, walking blindly over moving steel beams on a high rise and somehow things work out for him.  He just barely escapes enough danger miraculously for the team to 'try' to justify to keep him around.  The bullpen is a mess, but nothing is going to change that, even calling up Clippard.  I've sat through some messy games before, but I couldn't sit through the game tonight.
yeah, Crab has a 4.85 ERA but he clearly is worse than that. It's a shame Rizzo doesn't have the balls to outright release him and call up Stammen to start in his place.

Certainly Stammen might go through some bumps but at least he will throw the ball over the plate and try his hardest to get the job done.