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Re: Gameday Protocol Discussion
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Attention Everyone:

I'm done posting the Gameday threads.  For what it's worth, I liked doing the Gameday threads for a few reasons.  They were how I got into moderating, as I became a "Gameday Moderator" for the 2007 season to fill the need of someone to make the threads, then was granted full modmanship the following year.  Also, as I alluded to earlier, I like doing them because I feel that it's something that I do to help out the forum and make it a better place to post.

However, posting the threads isn't worth constant barrage from posters who would rather do the threads themselves because "2k6 has OCD", "I'm 2-0, let me do it!", etc.  Those posters can go ahead and make them from now on, because I'm done with dealing with the drama and the whining.

Keep doing them, screw anyone that say's you shouldn't because the Nats are losing. It has zero effect on the game. I agree with cmdterps, yours had a good format and organized.