Author Topic: Nats Near Deals for Wilson, Stanton  (Read 5099 times)

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Nats Near Deals for Wilson, Stanton
« Topic Start: July 13, 2005, 04:27:56 AM »
Bowden found a match.  I know there are plenty of detractors out there, but let's remember Wilson was a highly regarded, five-tool player only a few years back.  He's coming to a team with a legitimate shot at a post-season berth.  He's into his free-agency year.  He will be motivated.  To only have to give up Day and Davis for him (plus the 2-3 million of the remainder of his salary), Bowden is not sacrificing the future.  If Wilson stinks out the joint, then we can let him walk at the end of the year.  No strings attached.  Sure, we could've aimed higher for the likes of Vernon Wells or Alfonso Soriano, but let's be realistic.  The teams they play for aren't looking to give those players away any time soon.  Wilson is available and he can help us - now.  I'd take my chances with him in the clean-up hole over Baerga any day.   :D