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Re: Nationals vs Cardinals, Game 3
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Don't even bother with sportsfan, he couldn't see the forest for the trees if someone shoved a pine cone up his ass.

Nevermind that Dunn has generic awful Nats leadoff hitters, Nick "molasses" Johnson, and Ryan "GIDP" Zimmerman batting in front of him, or that Dunn is a power hitter which makes RISP a debatable metric for his performance (esp used exclusively).  No, Dunn is clearly awful and the sole reason we are last in baseball.  The fact that he has led the team in RBIs for most of the season is absolutely inconsequential.

And sportsfan, do you know ANYTHING about logical fallacies?  What the freak does anyone else calling RBIs "meaningless" have to do with me?  Did I say that?  Ok then.

I wish Dunn would have jacked a solo shot there just so I could hear sportsfan say that it's worthless and he should've had a hit with men on instead :roll:
:rofl: what the freak?! NJ is batting .346 with an OBP over .400. he's one of the best table setters in all of baseball at this point. RZ is batting over .300 with a SLG pct over .550. Dunn should be honored to hit behind such hitters.