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This is something I did messing around in an attempt to very conservatively guestimate the Marlins 2006 revenue (used old revenue sharing, old ticket prices, etc.).  Note the total of revenue before a single ticket is sold - in the $60 million neighborhood.  In the past couple years, you can add revenue distributions from and now the MLB network.  Based on this, my guess is that the Nats probably are presently in the $70 million range of revenue before the first ticket is sold.  (I don't know if the links still work - you can cut and paste them if you want to look them up)


Marlins Revenues:

National TV Broadcast Revenue
ESPN (2006 – Due Under New Contract)                          273,500,000
    Number of Teams                                                    30
    Average Per Team                                                         9,116,667
FOX (Contract Expires after 2006)
    Total Contract                                          2,500,000,000
    Number of Years                                                     6
    Average Per Year                                          416,666,667
    Number of Teams                                                    30
    Average Per Team                                                        13,888,889
Total National TV Broadcast Revenue                                         23,005,556

XM Radio
    Contract Value                                            650,000,000
    Number of Years                                                    11
    Average Per Year                                           59,090,909
    Number of Teams                                                    30
    Average Per Team                                                         1,969,697
Total National Broadcast Revenue                                            24,975,253

Local Media (2001 – 150 TV/Cable Game)                                      15,353,000

Total Broadcast Revenue                                                     40,328,253

Revenue Sharing (2003)                                                      21,000,000

Total “Before 1st Ticket Sold” Revenue,
excluding Merchandising, etc.                                               61,328,253

Revenue per ticket (2001 - discounted for give-aways)               13.29
Attendance (2005 at 2001 Prices)                                1,823,388    24,232,827

Total Revenue Before Merchandising, Concessions, etc.                        85,561,080

2003 Revenue (includes post-season)                                         101,000,000