Author Topic: Nationals @ Phillies, Game 1  (Read 22514 times)

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Re: Nationals @ Phillies, Game 1
« Reply #750: April 27, 2009, 11:14:28 PM »
i'm speechless now.  what a terrible loss.

work tomorrow is going to be the ultimate worst. 

1) i can't believe they gave away two 4-run leads. 

2) i can't believe joel hanrahan is still the closer. 

3) i can't believe manny acta still has a manager job in the big leagues. 

4) i can't believe the lerners can wake up every morning in their bed full of $100 bills and then shower (i bet they shower together to save money) and then actually look themselves in the mirror (but @ nats park there aren't a lot of mirrors in the bathroom, once again thanks to the cheapage).

there ya go ... 4 things ... for as many freakin wins we have this year.  4-14.  18 games and just 4 freakin wins.