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Re: Nationals @ Phillies, Game 1
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Easily, everytime this happens I think that. I mean some people would say "Who cares what they think, what about the fans!?" Well we've already basically seen what the fans think, it just sucks to know that Dibble and Dunn have to BE on this team getting crap. As a fan, im embarassed to be a fan of this team after a loss like tonight. Our FO has no balls to fire Manny, and they couldn't give 10 craps about the fans. These people do get paid to play for/announce for this crappy team, all we get is a crappy 4-14 record and another BIG freak YOU
I'm embarrassed for everyone. For Zim, Dunn, Dukes, all of the guys that are playing their asses off for us and are treated like this. it makes me sick.

I truly cannot believe RZ signed here for 5 years. It's amazing that we get any players to come play here.