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Re: Nationals @ Mets, Game 1
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And we were supposed to get pwned by Josh Johnson and put up a 6 spot on his ass (i know our pen screwed us, but still).  We've been swinging the bats well recently, just couldn't drive anyone in on Wednesday.  The Mets are still trying to figure out Citi Field, but it seems like it leans in favor of the pitchers.  NY - much like most of the teams in NL East - feast on the fastball.  If Olsen can work in his breaking stuff like he did on Saturday, he's going to be good one for us tonight. 

Let's get to Santana early and often and get this series started off on the right freakin foot.

I watched Wednesday's game with the sound off. The strike zone looked huge to me. That probably had a lot to do with the final score.