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I went to Saturday's game. It was my first visit and can say it is a VERY nice park. Somethings I came away with: 1. I wish our Mascot could be more on the level of the Phanatic. The trip made me notice how bad screech really does stink. 2. I really hope that the new park in DC will take some ideas from Philly's park and only out do it. It really is VERY fan friendly, not to mention the Concessions there are GREAT.3. Cup holders  at the seats. Very nice touch.

Something else I noticed- Their fans don't get as loud as much as Nat's fans. RFK is always rocking- literally. Only a few times did Phillies fans get anything close to the noise level found in RFK. It actually made me appreciate RFK in that aspect.

Very good experience overall- I recommend everyone head up there for a game if they get the chance.