Author Topic: Gameday Thread: Nationals @ Brewers, Game 2 (Curly W)  (Read 6571 times)

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Nice win...haha what a gift for pitch and a win.


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Quote from: "nats2playoffs"

(Image removed from quote.)
I have a feeling he doesn't go to that much trouble.  My guess is he can go to a previous time he posted it, and copy all of the text that creates the colors and sizes, and paste it on the new game.  Maybe opens a 2nd window.  
Did you see the game at a restaurant, TT?  I want to set up an easy-to-find thread on this site with all the places named on the MLB site. There's got to be a lot more sports bars with DirecTV.

Problem is, the game threads are locked, so you are not allowed to "edit" one of your previous posts in the thread, which would be how I could copy everything over.  So I had to rebuild it manually.

I didn't see or hear the game last night, we were over at a friend's house for dinner.  Drives me crazy not being able to track a game in progress.

The Herndon Glory Days is the closest bar to me on the list so far.  Champps in Fair Oaks Mall is a little closer, but not sure if they show the games.  They were not particularly responsive to requests I made last year while dining with my family there, so I have been boycotting them.

I was hoping Kimnat would opine on Fairfax city establishments, she seems to have good contacts over there, but Kimmy's been out of contact for a while.  Hope everything's okay with her.

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I went to the Glory Days in Gaithersburg Friday night and they don't have Direct TV it seems. We asked one of the workers (wasn't a waitress, possibly like a manager) and she said they don't have it.