Author Topic: Royals Fans Dissing Us?????????  (Read 1363 times)

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Royals Fans Dissing Us?????????
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LMAOO!!!!!!! Dee Haynes this guy will be no more then a career minor league.

It's proving that alot of fans on aren't knowledgeable.

What this guy was trying to do is to find a prospect in our minor league affliates with good stats.He thinks Bowden is very stupid so that's why, he looked in the nationals minor league affliates to find a good prospect.I was doing the same thing when I was 12,13 but I'm pretty knowledgeable right now.Age is an important factor in he wasn't smart enough (or was too lazy) to look at our prospects age!

What a genius I am. *sarcasm*!!

Kory Casto though, would be a great acquisition for em'.We already have Zimmerman in our farm system and Casto seems to be mediocre defensively so Bowden might consider trading him for something interesting.Casto is a really good batter though.