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My friend is like you. He likes playing mmo's as well. Is a huge wow fan but can't see himself paying money for it. He installed Guild Wars, as did I, just to mess around with but we haven't done anything yet and that was like a week ago.

I just find wow worth it since its pretty easy to get into and very user friendly. GW2 looks like something I will try out.

I really want to try out cata but they haven't even hinted at its release date. I am thinking soon though, since wow just released its main story raid.

If I could pay for another mmo it'd be Star Wars: The Old Republic because that crap looks amazing. Mass Effect makers, star wars universe, all that stuff.

If you get back into wow let me know. I'm just trying out the new stuff for a month but I might get into it further if I find something to play for, ie getting better or making another toon.