Should Manny Acta be fired?

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Re: Should Manny Acta be fired?
« Reply #525: July 12, 2009, 07:06:13 PM »
I posted this on Nats Journal:


ok, I am willing to roll with the popular(at least here) Pro-Manny opinion that Manny has ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do in ANY WAY, SHAPE, OR FORM with the Team's play, or the Team's record, and that it is all, 100% the responsibility of the players, and that the Manager has absolutely no appreciable effect on anything that goes on with a Major League Baseball Team. (so what exactly is a manager responsible for anyway? bah, another question for another time)

I'm willing to suspend my better judgement, and buy into this theory for a moment.

but then I need to ask you Pro-Manny folks out there a few simple questions:

What Manager , or Head Coach, in ANY MAJOR TEAM SPORT would keep his job in any normally-run Organization with a .385 winning percentage over 2.5 seasons?

Regardless of the effect the Manager does or does not have on the team he has been hired to "guide" , what Manager/HC would keep his job after guiding his team to a .294 winning percentage through the first half of a season, immediately following a season in which he guided the team to a .366 winning percentage?

There have been Managers and Head Coaches within the past year who have lost their jobs, with BETTER records, and BETTER winning percentages than Manny does. So if the Manager has absolutely nothing to do with the success or failure of the team, then why is Manny so special that firing him is an unpardonable sin?

Posted by: MrMadison | July 12, 2009 6:57 PM