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Re: Nationals @ Marlins, Game 1
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Get over it. The most productive players should be the ones playing.

This from JMad:

Manny is not consistent...

he's playing Favorites instead of playing the best players, and he's using his favoritism to hold players in similar positions to different sets of criteria.

Dukes is being judged on his ST stats, Milledge is granted leniency and handed his starting job due to stats from the previous year, despite his ST stats being just as bad. 

Dukes is not afforded the same leniency that Milledge is.

and that's what infuriates me about this.

if our starting OF was Dunn-Kearns-Willingham, I'd have no problem with it, as it is consistent with the theme of players earning their spots within our glut of OFers..

but handing Milledge a starter spot from day one and then anointing him the leadoff hitter a week later, regardless of whether he earns it or not, and then benching Dukes because he "didn't earn it" is ridiculous.

The same could be said for Kearns.  Other than a streaky Spring, what exactly has Kearns done to earn the spot?