Author Topic: Gameday Thread: Nationals vs Dodgers, Game 1 (Curly W)  (Read 8601 times)

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Quote from: "The Chief"
So what do you guys think?  Leave Livan in as long as he's not giving up runs, or play it "safe" and bring in the bullpen after the 7th (but risk disrupting the flow and giving the LADs a chance to get back into it)?

FR clearly respects Livan immensely, and Livo's a proven workhorse.  Seeing as how he's only got 81 pitches so far and a shutout with a huge lead, FR is doubtless going to leave him in until gets into real trouble, which means giving up at least a run or two.  And that's the right move.  If Livan can make the 7th economical, he's got a decent shot at a CG.