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Re: Stephen Strasburg Watch
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Didn't Jordan Zimmermann pitch for a D-III college?

Yeah, Wisconsin-Stevens.  Also, last year, D-II champion Mount Olive had 6 picks in the MLB draft.  Top teams like Missouri (6), Irvine (6), and South Carolina (7) had a similar amount of players drafted, given they did have a much higher draft average.

No, probably not, but if you've got a starter like Strasburg that can carry a team a long way.  If they've got another starter, they could find themselves there. 

And, what Fresno did last year, was not a fluke.  They had good young pitching that matured through the season to go along with a competent offense and they played great defense, the last two had been pretty solid all year.  It was unlikely, for sure, but it wasn't a fluke. 

Fresno didn't even have their ace (Scheppers) for the CWS either.