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You should be concerned about the level of competition.  He won't be little leaguers in the minors.  The conference SDSU plays in is very weak.  Their non conference schedule is very weak.  One game "series" vs Long Beach and Fullerton, and USC aren't going to cut it.  And besides Stras won't pitch in those mid week games against the tougher teams.

I don't know where this is coming from, but SDSU was ranked as having the 30th toughest schedule and 6th toughest non-conference schedule in the NATION.  That was preseason, they have since moved up 4 ranks to the 26th toughest schedule in the nation.  This is according to Boyd's world, a nationally respected college baseball ranking system. 

Further, while it would be nice to see him against elite competition, the difference between facing San Diego's lineup and Miami's lineup is nominal when compared to facing say the Potomac Nationals.  It is obvious Strasburg can pitch and the question as to whether he can pitch against minor leaguers will not be answered even if he faces a team of the same caliber as Miami or Rice.  That answer will come later this year.