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Although ESPN hasn't been getting a good buzz around here lately, I still figured I post this bit from Jim Callis' (he is BA after all) recent chat:

Alex NY, NY: Recently I found a few blogs on the internet breaking down Stephen Strasburg?s pitching mechanics. The jury is pretty much split. One source says that Strasburg?s mechanics are deeply flawed and that he is destined to have a short, injury riddled career. Another blog said almost the complete opposite?that Strasburg has displayed mechanics that are as sound as one could ever dream of from a collegiate pitcher. However, both sources cited that Strasburg has sown the dreaded ?inverted W? that doomed Mark Prior. I?m wondering if you guys could please set the record straight? What?s the verdict? Are scouts concerned about Strasburg?s mechanics? Have you heard anything about this?

 Jim Callis: I've talked to a lot of scouts about Strasburg, and no one has brought up mechanical concerns. Here's the thing about mechanics--it's great if someone has dream or textbook mechanics, but we still don't know why pitchers get hurt. Prior was supposed to have a picture-perfect delivery, and he couldn't stay healthy. Tim Lincecum has unorthodox mechanics, but they work great for him. I don't profess to be an expert on mechanics, but if a guy repeats his delivery without putting a lot of stress on his elbow or shoulder, who cares if it's perfect.