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Stephen Strasburg Watch
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I figured that Strasburg will probably be the center of many people's attention over the next few months and it would only seem right to have a thread dedicated to him.  Mods, if I missed a thread already created for a similar reason than please delete this.

Word is that Strasburg will have his first start of the year tonight, although there will be no tv or radio coverage.

The Strasburg Watch: 2009 Debut Is Today
Judging by the time stamp on Chico's post about the Ryan Zimmerman settlement, it was a rough night for our Nats beat writer. So I'll take the liberty of making the first post of the morning -- well, at least the civilized part of the morning.

Out in southern California this afternoon, the San Diego State Aztecs open their 2009 season against Bethune-Cookman, and according to this story, right-hander Stephen Strasburg, object of the Nationals desire, will be on the mound. We can assume the Nationals will have at least one representative there -- perhaps even Jim Bowden himself, given the fact he was already in Arizona for Zimmerman's scheduled arbitration hearing. But here's a bummer for the rest of us: According to the SDSU website (pdf file), there is no TV or radio coverage of today's game -- just postgame audio clips posted at Strasburg generally pitches every Friday for the Aztecs, and several of his starts later this spring are listed as having radio coverage and/or live webcasts.

The San Diego Union-Tribune's website has no fewer than three stories about Strasburg and the Aztecs, including this fine feature, in which we learn of Strasburg's pre-weight-loss nickname: "Slothburg."