Author Topic: Gameday Thread: Nationals @ Reds, Game 3 (L/11)  (Read 10034 times)

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Okay, some thoughts here...

1.) The whole game was run perfectly up until the 11th when Frank decides to take the ball out of Rauch's hand who has probably been one of the better arms out of the bullpen lately.

2.) The 'Nats are still holding on to one of their strengths from last year. They were able to claw back into this game with a key Sac-Fly from LeCroy in the Ninth. However, around this time of year the Bullpen was unhittable.

3.) Another good start from Zach Day, I would guess he has a scoreless innings streak somewhere around 15 or 16 now??? I believe his last start he yeilded no runs. Anyway, starting to look up for him. This year Bowden hopefully wont be half the jackass he was last year and trade away all of the starters. That is, unless Frank pisses them off because he yanks them in the 3rd Inning of a scoreless game.