Author Topic: Gameday Thread: Nationals @ Reds, Game 3 (L/11)  (Read 9047 times)

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I guess I can't fault Frank for tonight's game too much. Ultimately, we had the lead and he gave 3 pitchers a chance to save it & none of them performed (or even came close).  This one is squarely on Rauch/Rodriguez/Eischen.

Not quite.  FR should NEVER have taken out Rauch.  Moreover, if he was going to do so, either Bergmann or Stanton would have been a better choice.  Anyone but Rodriguez and Eischen, who are by any measure the two worst reliever in our pen.  Using them is DOWNRIGHT PERVERSE.
I said "too much."   By the way, did you see Stanton on Sunday & last night?  I suspect the game would have turned out the exact same way.

However, I do agree that he should have just stuck with Rauch.