Author Topic: Rosenblatt gone post 2010 - New Stadium replace - Now another new one  (Read 10926 times)

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so, I finally made it to Werner Park, the new home of the AAA affiliate of the Royals.  It's a really nice place to watch a ball game.  It honestly feels closer to a AA park than a AAA park, but it's really nice.
Looks a bit like Pawtucket, which is super small.

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I went to school in Vermillion. Ever make it out that way DPM?

When I was at USD, we played UNO. Didnt do a whole lot in Omaha, but went to a bar call Brewsky's(sp?) once. Had to drive the 2 hours to watch the USC-UCLA game that year.
Never been to Vermillion, but had some friends that went to school there.  There are several Brewsky's in the Lincoln/Omaha area.  not sure if they branch out much further than that, but it's a pretty decent place to watch a game, especially on Sunday's.  I've even gone out there with a buddy after softball and he'll watch his Twins and I'll watch the Nats.  It's one of the few places in town that carry Extra Innings.  Decent food. 

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Dang that is a small AAA park.
That's what I thought too, but it its really, quite nice.
Looks a bit like Pawtucket, which is super small.
I wonder if they're looking around at most of the other AAA parks and saying, you know, 12 - 15 K would be nice, but no one's really filling that many seats right now, go smaller and if we need to expand later, we can.  There's definitely room to do that if they wanted to.  I'm guessing that was the thought process.  It feels a lot like Haymarket Park where Nebraska plays in Lincoln, but they just play college ball and have an Independent League team that plays there.  I thought they would have gone a little bigger time, but they didn't.  Still a fun place, just didn't seem like it was a game that featured players one step a way from the show.