Author Topic: Gameday Thread: Nationals vs Marlins, Game 1 (L)  (Read 10036 times)

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Do you all realize all the reasons why we should win this game:

1. The Marlins are 6-18.  
2. Their starting pitcher had an ERA of over 9.
3. One of our 2 best starters this year was starting.
3. We are 1-7 at home and, by law of averages, we have to win a home game sooner or later.  
4.  See #3 above- you'd think that these guys would be embarassed to play so badly at home & give 110% effort & enthusiasm
5.  Our new owner was named today.  You'd think they'd be happy & want to impress the new boss.

It almost seems to me we would have to try to lose this game.