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Re: Nationals vs Marlins, Game 1
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See that's the problem with some of you guys. You're too in love and attached with prospects. I hope you guys realize that several of the guys you're following in the minors now will never suit up or contribute to the Nats because they will either fizzle out or be traded away. You have to give up something to get something in return. I do it with chicks all the time. I give them part of my anatomy in exchange for part of theirs.  :lol:

You had the right idea in saying freak prospects because with that young lineup we would have several years to stock up again.

haha thats why i put the little laughing icon, freak id trade prospects to have those 2. Was just saying if we could avoid Lannan and Balester, fire away, but if not, the trade should be made asap haha. A-gonz and Hollidays offense is DEFINITELY worth that.