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Re: Nationals vs Padres, Game 1
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:rofl: Sorry ass Brett Myers has given up 5 Runs to the Fish in the first inning and still hasn't recorded 1 out.

Who is on my WNFF fantasy team in our World Series against thom202.  Meyer's still in there in the 3rd inning, losing 4-5.  So he can STILL get the win. 

(sportsfan882, your WNFF FF team still has Marques Colston, who is`OUT, starting instead of Marvin Harrison.  hammondsnat said he wanted in the day after our draft, if you have too many fantasy teams to keep track of, and want him to take it over.)

JINX JINX JINX Balester.  We need to get swept.  Some errors would help.  #1 pick!