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Re: Nationals vs Padres, Game 1
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She doesn't know the first thing about football. It's clear that she just repeats jazz she hears and they always make fun of her about that. They've been poking fun at her lack of knowledge for a long time. She does post game interviews at games because I've seen her at the stadium asking players questions as they head to the locker rooms.

I figured that she was McGee's sister-in-law or something, because I've always had the same impression.  I don't think she's ever offered insight that wasn't already published before the game elsewhere.  Didn't she have the season-long best record last year for picking games?  I recognized her voice asking Coach Zorn a post-game interview question last week; the first time I ever saw or heard her anywhere else.


Holy cow!  Speigner is pitching!!  Puts them down fast!