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Re: Nationals vs Padres, Game 1
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I noticed that Tony McGee's show is scheduled to air at 11:30. Has anyone ever watched that show? The music they play going into commercials sounds like classic pictureso music.  :rofl:

Yeah, I watched it for several years.  It was on Comcast SportsNet, before moving to MASN this year.  One year McGee was extremely accurate at picking the outcome of NFL games.  (Which became a must see for fantasy NFL pick 'em's.)  I think he did poorly last year, trying to catch up to the other panelists.  Who is that lady and how'd she get that gig ON HIS SHOW, (not the pole dancer)?

Some of the former Redskins who are guests have good comments.  It was funny to hear Gary Clark finally admit that Jerry Rice was a better wide receiver that he was, a year or two ago.