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Re: "Uncensored" Section Opt-In
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For the folks in this section, are there threads that are as interesting as the stuff going on outside it? Or is it just generally unmoderated threads, political bickering and pix threads for folks who have trouble searching that sort of thing up on their own?  I've been very happy with the freely open boards and spend (too much) time here, but I've always been like a cat when it comes to a closed door.  If the door is closed, there MUST be magic on the other side. Or mice.

It's not nearly as racy as "Uncensored" makes it sound, although there is a thread about beautiful women that I've never ventured into because as a woman, that wouldn't really do anything for me :lol: yea there's a politics thread but also one for current news stories, one for weight loss questions/advice, one that people just post funny pics to, it's just like what you see on the main board but people are allowed to maybe get more heated or R-rated in their comments I guess would be the main difference.  Anyway long way of saying request admittance-new voices are always nice ;)