Author Topic: Nationals @ Marlins, Game 3  (Read 11212 times)

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Re: Nationals @ Marlins, Game 3
« Reply #25: September 14, 2008, 04:18:52 PM »
Both are freaking awful frankly. What a choke job. No doubt this team is throwing games on purpose.

Come on sportsfan, you celebrate a player one day then the next you jump all over him like hes lower than crap.

I mean i agree today was a poor performance, actually one of the worst, but Hinckley, Shell, and Mock are freaking gems in the pen or should be, Manny always brings in Manning to blow crap up and then brings in the guy who shoulda been in there for the first place. Why take out Hinckley? Hes been solid. And for the record: Saul is always so inconsistent and Joel just freaking blows.