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The Farm / Re: Top prospect lists for 2015 season
« Last post by HalfSmokes on Today at 09:35:58 AM »
Is fangraphs actually respected in baseball? It seems like a nice alternative if you don't want to pay for bp. Like espn they have some talented writers, but do baseball insiders actually respect it as a whole?
The Farm / Re: Top prospect lists for 2015 season
« Last post by NJ Ave on Today at 09:24:00 AM »
Let me add that it might be interesting or valuable to know a prospect writer's personal opinions, to the extent of "I wouldn't be surprised if Gant ends up more valuable than Newcomb in the end" or something like that. But the basis of the prospect industry is in valuation. That's why you have people creating surplus values for prospects in different buckets (top ten hitters more valuable than top 25, who are more valuable than top 100, etc). It helps make sense of what is a "fair" trade or gives people a good sense of what's a "fair" package for a prospective trade target.

But Farnsworth said Gant is a FV 60. Last year, that would have corresponded to Kiley McDaniel's top 28 prospects in baseball. It's a guy John Sickels rated a C+ and #14 in the Braves system. It's a guy who will likely be nowhere near anyone else's top 100 list. It's a guy who was traded a few months ago as part of a package for Juan Uribe and Kelly Johnson.

C+ pitchers above 23 years old are valued at maybe $2 million, while pitchers on the edge of the top 25 are worth 10 times as much. Being off by an order of magnitude is...not helpful.

He also was forced to write a mea culpa because of the comments, had to add back a top 5 Braves prospect that HE FORGOT TO INCLUDE, and most alarmingly RESERVED THE RIGHT TO CHANGE THE GRADES after he compiled all the lists. Your top prospect person cannot have no idea of what a 55 prospect looks like, and instead base his grades on how many prospects he wants in different buckets. Your top prospect person cannot forget a top five system prospect because they're making so few calls to other evaluators that his name never came up. That's ludicrous.
The Red Loft / Re: NFL Thread (2015)
« Last post by MarquisDeSade on Today at 09:21:42 AM »
He's pissed off that Kubiak won't let him run his system so he's going to show him.

That makes sense.  Ol' man Manning going out there with some crap team (Texans?  Browns?) next season to do his best Jason White impersonation throwing eephus INTs while pouting on the sidelines.  SIGN ME UP.  Look, I really like Peyton Manning but this is just dumb.  He is DONE.  Does he really want to roll out there and get carted off the field after a 5 INT performance and then live like Stephen Hawking?  Because that's what he's going to end up with if he goes back out there for another season.
Salary dump. Frees up space for them to also get Heyward.  They've been linked to him. 


Would be a great top 7 for any team

That would be wonderful if you had Gardner 2 or 3 years ago and Werth about the same.  They're 32 and 36 (37 in May).  That's only a decent defensive outfield and probably not a good one offensively next season (how does it even align?  Gardner in CF? Heyward?  Does Heyward or Calhoun play right?), a problem that could be easily solved by not trading Mike Trout. 

I can't see why they'd want to give up anything of value to get Werth.  He'd be a DH on that team, probably not a good one, and definitely a very well-compensated one.  The only way the Nats can dump Werth is by either eating salary, packaging him with someone useful for not much in return, or a mix of the two.  Look at it another way:  Wilson and Werth are both declining assets who are overpaid, but Wilson only has one year left on his contract.  Gio is a slightly above average SP with one year left on his contract; Wilson is a slightly below average SP with the same.  Gardner is a 32-year-old speed player who's losing speed, wouldn't hit home runs in Anaheim, and can't really play CF any more. 

You're offering a slight upgrade on CJ Wilson, plus a 32-year-old corner outfielder with power that doesn't play in their stadium, plus an overpaid DH, plus an oft-injured (but good if he stays consistently healthy) player with 1 good season under his belt, for one of the best players in decades in the prime of his career and some salary relief.

Think about if Rendon played for the Yankees: now see them offering the Nats Rendon, Gardner, Teixeira, and Carlos Beltran for Zimmerman and Harper.  What would you say to that if you're the Nationals?  (Probably nothing, as you'd be laughing too hard.)
The Clubhouse / Re: 2015-2016 Offseason Discussion Thread
« Last post by deeznatz on Today at 08:08:08 AM »
AJ Cole for Neil Walker?

You mean an oustanding 2b for a garbage pitching prospect??????  ummmmm, yeah.
The Clubhouse / Re: The Bryce Harper Compendium (2015)
« Last post by WashingtonWizards23 on Today at 08:01:44 AM »
He is bolting in three years and it's going to suck to root against him

We should extend him right now. 11 years 500 million
The Clubhouse / Re: The Bryce Harper Compendium (2015)
« Last post by Bloo on Today at 07:31:23 AM »
(Image removed from quote.)
I got a bad disease... Right from my brain is where I bleed...
The Out of Town Scoreboard / Re: The "Former Nat Watch" Thread (2015)
« Last post by EdStroud on Today at 02:22:25 AM »
Chicago White Sox signed Scott Hairston to a minor league contract.

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The Clubhouse / Re: The Bryce Harper Compendium (2015)
« Last post by BH34Natural on Today at 01:34:12 AM »
He is bolting in three years and it's going to suck to root against him
The Red Loft / Re: NFL Thread (2015)
« Last post by BrandonK on Today at 12:42:24 AM »
See, we kill these officials and sometimes things just aren't so black and white it seems.  But yea I have to agree with you, I think this year they're nearing replacement-level badness. 

Sure, agreed. It was obvious that he went out of bounds, though. Ref should have just stopped the clock. Avoids this whole topic, especially since Tyrod couldn't throw the ball anyways
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