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so...I was getting ready to get my for the 'nationals' season (I couldn't watch the first game anyways, as I was at work), and does anyone know how the "follow your team" option is supposed to work?  I thought, and was planning to look when I needed to, for the option to pay to only follow one team, as opposed to paying for the complete package for the whole year?  but, am I mistaken?  or?

Try this link
I had watched parts of a couple of the MLB TV free games of the day and subsequently received an offer this week for the full subscription for this year at half price (54.99).  Not sure if that was because I had subscribed at the end of last year or if they are sending to everyone who clicks on the free games--good deal with only a month of the season gone.
The Red Loft / Re: 2015-16 Washington Capitals
« Last post by Slateman on Today at 09:16:38 AM »
Missed tonight's game as I was on the road.  Sounds like Caps did everything right except win.

Except play hard for the whole game
The Red Loft / Re: Soccer 2015/16
« Last post by mitlen on Today at 09:15:30 AM »
dcpatti - who owns them? 

Among the big 5, Glaser controls Man U, Henry (Fenway Sports Group) controls Liverpool, the Russian mob owns Chelski, Man City is owned by some sheiks from the UAE, and Arsenal is owned by . . .?  Any of the teams in the BPL publicly traded?

Mindfact:   Piers Morgan is an Arsenal fan and he used to berate ownership and manger regularly.    I can't remember who he talked about or if this is true.    Google saves a lot of mindfacts:

As of 1 July 2011, the majority shareholder in the club is the American Stan Kroenke, who holds 66.64% of the parent company. His rival, the Russian-Uzbek Alisher Usmanov, owns 30.05%.
The Clubhouse / Re: Fire Dusty Baker! (2015-2016)
« Last post by JCA-CrystalCity on Today at 09:07:31 AM »
dusty haters can hate on him all they want but in the end he keeps winning major league ball games
The guy has been a manager what, close to 20 years, maybe more? He seems to learn, which should not be surprising since he's human.  I think he may have earned some skepticism at times, but he seems to have enough confidence to admit errors, change his ways, listen to input, surround himself with good coaches, and encourage his players rather than undermine them.
The Clubhouse / Re: Danny Espinosa: Redemption Watch 2016
« Last post by GburgNatsFan on Today at 09:07:27 AM »

Not in my neighborhood.   I make sure they're all fed.   Drives one of my neighbors crazy.    Walking her dog (little white miniature something) one day and she sez, "Ya know, squirrels get in people's attics."    I sez, "It's what squirrels do just little dogs poop in people's yard."
Gameday Threads / Re: Nationals @ Royals, Game 1
« Last post by aspenbubba on Today at 09:04:50 AM »
It may be time to cut Taylor loose.

The Clubhouse / Re: Gio fires a shot at Matt Williams
« Last post by GburgNatsFan on Today at 09:02:57 AM »
You would think that professional athletes would have thicker skins, but for some of them, it really does seem to be about whether someone "believes" in them.

Unless "believes in me" means takes the time to straighten out my mechanics, helps me get out of my own headspace when things go wrong, claps and encourages me from the dugout rather than getting disgusted and turning away, doesn't let Werth go apecrap on me in the dugout when I have a brainfart...

 then maybe there's a little something to it.

Learned a long time ago, it ain't always the other guy's fault.    Gio earned some of those short leashes.
The Clubhouse / Re: Gio fires a shot at Matt Williams
« Last post by dcpatti on Today at 08:59:11 AM »
Full article is here:
In the context of the entire article, it feels slightly less like Gio is going out of his way to dig at MW. But only just slightly :D
Zimmermann is 5-0 with a 0.55 ERA. I know, he didn't want to be in DC.  :icon_question:
AL Pitcher of the Month. NL was Arrieta.
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