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Re: WNFF On The Web
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The WNFF Toolbar has links to:

*takes a very deep breath*

-all the Nats Blogs
-all the Nats Official Sites (both major and minor leagues)
-links to all the media sources(Post, times, etc. etc.)
-CBS sportsline
-USA Today
-Fox Sports
-Sports Illustrated
-Yahoo MLB Rumors
-Ben Maller's MLB Rumors
-The Baseball Cube (mega stats site)
-MLB Radio(embedded in the toolbar, and you can add other radio streams to it as well)
-Baseball reference
-Baseball almanac
-Every major game tracker
-Baseball America
-Every MLB team's Official Website
-Baseball Prospectus
-Almost every major Fantasy baseball site

And more......

Ken has done a fantastic job with this thing. truly awesome.  you owe it to yourself to give it a whirl, at least on a trial basis.